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The rule of diversification guides the Kohn & Associates account representative. We are convinced that diversification is the key to long-term investing success. Since it usually follows that when the stock, or equity, market is in decline, or a slump, the bond, or debt side of the market shows strength. With a portfolio that has positions in many types of investment vehicles, on both sides of the market, one is providing ones self with a type of insurance that should enable his portfolio to always have some liquidity. We are dedicated to diversifying our clients' portfolios.

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Market Access

Stephen A. Kohn & Associates, Ltd. is equipped with the most up to date computer access to all of the major markets and exchanges thereby having the ability to give you up to the minute price information on exchange listed and NASDAQ securities. We clear our trades, fully disclosed, through National Financial Services, LLC ("NFS"),  a New York Stock Exchange Member Firm .  Additionally, we have the ability to access individual client accounts through the NFS computer system, which enables us to assist your representative in handling client account inquiries.

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Exchange Access

Stephen A. Kohn & Associates, Ltd. has access to all exchanges, both national and international, and financial vehicles ranging from common to preferred and convertible stocks, to over 10,000 mutual funds, corporate, government and municipal bonds, CD's and commercial paper, etc. For either your cash or margin account, your joint, corporate, pension, trust, UGMA, Keogh, or IRA account, we are confident in our ability to research and recommend investments suitable for your needs, goals, desires and aspirations.

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Investors should always be cautious. However, indecision has caused the loss of more fortunes than bad decision. Dedicated to building wealth through total management, your Stephen A. Kohn & Associates representative will urge your taking a diverse position in investment vehicles on both the debt and equity side of the market.

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